Move with the Motions of an Aikido Warrior">Training Communicating with Impact
Move with the Motions of an Aikido Warrior

Do you want to communicate with more impact? 
As professionals, you know that your way of communicating has a huge influence on your results. Especially, what do you do when you meet resistance? When the going gets tough, we often notice a tendency to lapse intoineffective or even counter-productive behaviour.

Would you like to communicate for improved results to:

  • be better understood by your colleagues, customers, clients, manager?
  • give and receive feedback in a more effective way?
  • handle challenging conversations in a calmer and constructive way?
  • gain better insight in your own pitfalls in communication?
  • effectively build rapport with your discussion partner(s)?
  • Then this is your training opportunity!

During 5 sessions of 2 hours each, you will experience and develop different and innovative professional communication patterns.
Via simple physical exercises, based on Aikido, you will find out how a challenging situation impacts you on a mental, emotional and physical level. This experience will provide you with direct, memorable insights from which to learn:
You will …

  • experience how communication works from the inside out.
  • experience how your communication impacts the reactions of the other.
  • gain insight in your own resistance patterns.
  • experience what it feels like to communicate effectively and from your inner power.
  • bring your own work situations and practice with them.
  • share with the others in the group and learn from each other.

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steering big changes together">An Aikido Theorie for U
steering big changes together

As a team, how can you keep on navigating and innovating in a constantly changing world?

The Theory U of Otto Scharmer provides a powerful philosophy about change management. For many organisations and teams it is a valuable guideline for enabling successful change.
With the teambuilding program, an Aikido Theory for U, you will work on the development of a new team spirit which allows your team to achieve strategic changes. Acting with agility means embracing your appreciation for each other and engaging your talents from a place of curiosity toward a connected and effective team.

Over the course of five workshops, you will develop team-qualities - social intelligence and joined intention - together with your team, through experience based exercises. This leads to collective innovative power. We achieve breakthroughs by linking the Theory U with fresh and practical Aikido exercises. Together with your team you will start to feel and experience the changes. In this way you develop the necessary trust and understanding in order to steer big changes together.

Workshop 1 – In connection inspire each other
Big changes start with inspiration. What would it be like to get in a flow as a team and really listen to each other, without judging? In this workshop you will experience the felt effect of ignoring the NO. Sharing inspiration and seeking new solutions together. Moving forwards as a team, is a wonderful experience.

Workshop 2 – Develop collective senses
What is essential for the direction and energy of a group process? Which sources of inspiration need to come together in order to change? Not just as an individual, but on the contrary, learning to listen and think collectively is the key to true change. In this workshop you will be challenged as a team to dive into the deep and share the hunches of most potential.

Workshop 3 – In the team: who am I, what is my work?
How do you prevent regressing into old solutions? From which source to you collect the necessary creative change? In this workshop you will discover which unique contribution you can give to the team. Together each of you will look for their own inner motivation in order to get access to a joint intention and hold one another in the highest possible future.

Workshop 4 –Creating a shared intention
Nothing is as strong as the power of intention. What form does this joint intention take in practice? It is now imperative to develop strategic prototypes. We do this in this workshop by letting head, heart and hands work together. A beautiful iterative process of repeating, failing and continuing to work on a new direction and form.

Workshop 5 – Innovating together and co-evolving
In-depth innovation is about learning to act from the emerging whole. You don’t do this alone, also not just as a team, but in the environment that is involved. What do you need for this? In this workshop you will learn to consciously direct your awareness and respond to each other. This allows you to keep moving collectively, in connection with the constantly changing world.

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Tailor made programs and off-sites

Where change is ongoing, Aikido@Work is your business partner to support your cooperation, leadership and organisational development.

I am looking forward to have a conversation with you so we can jointly determine the best approach for your issue.


Fields of intervention:

  • Teamcoaching & coaching for executives and teams
  • Facilitating organisational development
  • Designing learning and engagement processes
  • Workshops with themes around cooperation, stress management, change management, leadership, resilience and conflict resolution.

Types of organisations:

  • Start-ups getting into the next phase of development with all the tension that that growth provokes.
  • Expert organisations - like research institutes, regulatory bodies, public prosecutor service - where knowledge is the main driver, the relational side can often benefit from more focussed attention.
  • Middle sized to bigger companies going through change and dealing with team and leadership development.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programs where acting responsibly requires courage and sensitivity, where influencing conditions is challenging and takes patience in order to do that in a sustainable and inclusive way.

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Do you recognise this? Successfully responding to and achieving change often fails due to habitual behaviours.
It is not necessarily unwillingness. Human nature and reality simply are obstinate.
Your potential to navigate change stands or falls with your ability to break through fixed patterns and habits and subsequently substituting them with new ones.
That requires courage!
My work will support you to grow and practice this courage.

Empower yourself, empower your team
Lead lasting change!

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