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    11 Jun, 2PM
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    Eurocross Assistance
    'Anita’s workshop during our team day about dealing with clients seized with emotion gave us a lot of insight. I would have never thought that it would work until I experienced it.’

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    12 Jun, 1PM
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    20 Jun, 4:30PM
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    'Aikido integrates mind, body and spirit into harmonious relationship and inspired action.

    Because the practice is physical it serves as an especially powerful learning metaphor for highly intellectual corporate environments.'

    Chris Thorsen

    28 Jun, 11AM

Your potential to navigate change


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Do you recognise this? In many organisations a lot of time and energy is lost on internal friction and conflicts. Time and energy that cannot be spent for what it is really all about: the client, the mission, the goals and to continuously adapt yourself to what current times require.

Your potential to navigate change stands or falls with your ability to break through fixed behaviour patterns and substituting them with new ones. That requires courage!
Do you also recognise this? Successfully accomplishing change often fails due to habitual human behaviours.

  • You have trouble reversing confrontations and resistance. You have a tendency to either push back or do the opposite, take distance; the familiar fight, flight and freeze reactions.
  • You notice that you are mainly fire-fighting. It is difficult to maintain focus on your strategic goals;
  • You have trouble getting your staff to cooperate in an efficient and productive manner;
  • You notice tensions in the team, but are challenged in getting those out in the open;
  • The many policy changes, stricter regulations and constant pressure to perform create stress and unease.

If this feels familiar to you, read on...

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Team transformation

How can you continue to navigate and innovate in a constantly changing world? Only where people are able to change their behaviours, will your organisation truly change.
Are you ready for the challenge to break through fixed patterns and habits? Are you ready to reach for what really matters to you?

I look forward to have a conversation with you so we can jointly determine the best approach for your specific situation.

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You have many responsibilities, are under constant pressure. You feel a stretch in your personal development. You see what is necessary, but you are stymied in terms of seeing it and managing it differently.
Personal coaching helps you to look in the mirror, reformulate your goals and get a better grip on your own way of acting. This leads to surprisingly different results.
I am looking forward to a conversation with you in order to take a look at what challenges you face and how coaching might support you.

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Do you recognise this? Successfully responding to and achieving change often fails due to habitual behaviours.
It is not necessarily unwillingness. Human nature and reality simply are obstinate.
Your potential to navigate change stands or falls with your ability to break through fixed patterns and habits and subsequently substituting them with new ones.
That requires courage!
My work will support you to grow and practice this courage.

Empower yourself, empower your team
Lead lasting change!

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