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Unifying communication in the workplace

Are you consciously tuning into your conversation partner? What happens to your way of communicating when you feel pressured? Do you notice it when your conversation partner has disengaged in the conversation? Are you able to deal with that in a constructive way by restoring...

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Influencing effectively and with sensitivity

What does inflencing mean to you? Is it about convincing the other that you are right? Or rather about listening as well, that your view and opinions are really being heard, resulting in openness for the other to consciously choose? Does influencing mean sticking firmly to...

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Agile collaboration for results

Is good teamwork a matter of agile individuals working on their own or does teamwork spring from agile individuals who have the ability to connect together?How do you connect with others? How do you deal with disagreements? How do you listen to each other and...

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Do you recognise this? Successfully responding to and achieving change often fails due to habitual behaviours.
It is not necessarily unwillingness. Human nature and reality simply are obstinate.
Your potential to navigate change stands or falls with your ability to break through fixed patterns and habits and subsequently substituting them with new ones.
That requires courage!
My work will support you to grow and practice this courage.

Empower yourself, empower your team
Lead lasting change!

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