Aikido@Work regularly works together with others.

big servant leadership solutions 6171324ababb528067ee6ecce4848ac3   We regularly deliver a contribution to the programs of Servant-Leadership Solutions. Servant-Leadership is a ‘way of being and doing’ for interpersonal, organisational and societal dilemmas. Servant leadership helps to create a corporate culture where success is achieved by giving people the space for taking their own initiatives, developing themselves and enabling them to be of value.

logo feedback orange   Feedback Training & Consulting regularly hires Aikido@Work for their developmental programs for teams. The trainers of Feedback put the focus on four factors that lead to the desired behaviour and results, namely Innate aspects via assessments and measurements, Acquired aspects of skills, posture and behaviour, Commitment aspects via coaching and career counselling and attention for the Context via strategy and organisation.

gen h   Aikido@Work is a partner of the Swiss based network organisation Gen-H. Together we organise the Art of Participatory Leadership training every year near Geneva. Furthermore Gen-H works will all kinds of organisations, profit and non-profit, and multi stakeholders projects. The focus is on collaborative leadership in order to bring about change together.

BedrijfsAikido Nederland 150x150 1   Aikido@Work is associate member of the association Bedrijfsaikido Nederland. This association binds aikido practitioners who deploy aikido professionally as trainer and coach in organisations. By clustering their experience and expertise within different sectors and industries we can offer a wide range of workshops and trainings.

Do you recognise this? Successfully responding to and achieving change often fails due to habitual behaviours.
It is not necessarily unwillingness. Human nature and reality simply are obstinate.
Your potential to navigate change stands or falls with your ability to break through fixed patterns and habits and subsequently substituting them with new ones.
That requires courage!
My work will support you to grow and practice this courage.

Empower yourself, empower your team
Lead lasting change!

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